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Big news about the launch of Samsung Galaxy S24 FE, know when it is coming to shake the market

Samsung updates the flagship Galaxy S series at the beginning of every year. But these phones are quite expensive due to having premium features. So the South Korean company launched the FE/ Fan Edition to give a taste of the S-series at an affordable price. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series was launched last February and now the company is said to be focusing on the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE. The leaked launch timeline of the phone suggests that it could hit the market much earlier.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 FE could arrive this summer

The launch timeline for Samsung’s FE models has been somewhat inconsistent from the start. The first Samsung Galaxy S20 FE was launched on September 23, 2020. Then comes the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE on January 4, 2022. Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 FE on October 4, 2023, ditching the S22 FE model. And this year Samsung Galaxy S24 FE is going to be launched. Following the trend of the current generation model, the S24 FE could be launched later this year. But now Korean publication Elec has hinted that Samsung might launch the phone much earlier than expected.

According to them, the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE’s display components, such as the display driver IC (DDI), have already entered mass production. Production is said to be in the millions. So expect a similar number of Galaxy S24 FE units to be delivered. This indicates that Samsung is currently taking their FE lineup seriously and based on their market research, Samsung Galaxy S24 FE is expected to sell well. The Elec’s report also mentions that the upcoming FE phone could hit the market as soon as this summer.

Display driver IC (DDI) manufacturer Anapass mainly supplies its products to Chinese smartphone manufacturers. According to some reports, Anapus ranks first in T-Con (timing controller) market share for Samsung’s OLED displays. However, the report mentions the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE’s production volume as “several hundred thousand”, which is a bit vague. In comparison, they earlier reported that the production volume of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE would be around three million or 30 lakh units.



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