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Bad news! Xiaomi is removing this popular feature from the phone due to Google’s objection

Xiaomi is suddenly removing a popular feature from their new software version. Bad news for all Xiaomi users who use the background video playback option in apps like YouTube on their phones. The feature that came with MIUI 12 will no longer be available in the new HyperOS. Perhaps the Chinese brand decided to remove it after Google’s warning. Because Google has decided to make the ability to play videos in the background with the screen off only for premium users.

Background video playback option is not available in HyperOS

Earlier background video playback facility on Xiaomi phones existed in apps like YouTube, even users without a premium subscription could easily listen to their favorite songs in the background by turning off the screen. However, Xiaomi will gradually remove this feature from the video toolbox with new updates. The video toolbox was highly appreciated by users for its useful features and was released with the MIUI 12 update. Now in MIUI 15 (named HyperOS by Xiaomi), there will be no option to play videos with the screen off Those who still want to use this feature will need to take a premium subscription to YouTube.

So, if one upgrades the security app to MIUI 12, MIUI 13, MIUI 14 and HyperOS (MIUI 15) versions, the ability to play video with screen off will disappear. If the feature is not found then it is not a problem of the device or the software, officially stated by the brand itself.

In this case, Xiaomi will have to follow Google’s policy and unfortunately remove the feature. Although users are a bit upset after the news surfaced, there is nothing the company can do about it. However, it should not be forgotten that there are still different methods. Android is an open source operating system. The user can therefore change as desired.



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