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Apple still lagging behind Android today, the upcoming iPhone 15 series also failed to match, talking about any features

The upcoming Apple iPhone 15 series is still a couple of months away. But as the launch time approaches, speculations are rife about the flagship smartphones of this lineup. A lot of information about the display, design of the devices has already surfaced. And now it is rumored that the next flagship iPhone models are likely to support super fast charging. That being said, a major upgrade to Apple’s battery technology will see the iPhone 15 series come with a stacked battery. Which is expected to extend battery life and be suitable for faster 40W fast charging.

Apple iPhone 15 series supports 40W fast charging

The current generation iPhone 14 has a maximum charging speed of 30W, so supporting 40W charging speed in the next generation handsets would be significant. According to a tipster, the iPhone 15’s wired charging speed will increase to 40 watts, while its wireless charging speed can reach a maximum of 20 watts via MagSafe. However, there is no guarantee that this new technology will come with the iPhone 15. Because some sources claim that this technology will be added to the iPhone 16 that will be launched next year. Again, it is also speculated that the use of USB-C port is one of the reasons for increasing the charging speed of Apple’s next-generation iPhones.

It’s clear, however, that there are several other reasons for the iPhone 15’s potential improvement in charging speed. One of them is its stacked battery, which can avoid the problem of phones overheating while charging. However, while 40W charging is an upgraded charging speed for the Apple iPhone series, it is still far behind the gold standard of over 100W charging speed currently used in Android flagship smartphones.

Let it be known that Apple usually launches its iPhones in the market by September every year. But a recent report claims that the launch event of the iPhone 15 series will be held a few weeks back in October. Although Apple has not officially disclosed anything about this.

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