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Apple has solved the problem of phone heating, the big surprise is coming to the iPhone 16 series

Rumors are rife about the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 series. The successor models will launch with several new features and upgrades compared to the iPhone 15 lineup. In this regard, we have already discussed the possible upgrades in the design, display size, battery, charging capacity, processor and camera department of the upcoming devices. Now again, it has been reported that the tech giant is likely to introduce some changes to the battery of the iPhone 16 model to offer better heat dissipation.

Apple will change the coating of the battery, iPhone 16 owners will not suffer from the problem of overheating

Since the launch, users have repeatedly complained about overheating of iPhone 15 series models. Apple then released a software update promising to fix the problem. But even then the problem could not be completely solved. Meanwhile, the new generation iPhone is going to be released in the market in just three months. As a result, fans are raising the question 'whether the problem of overheating will occur in the new series as well'.

But today popular tipster Majin Bu shared a post on the X platform. Whereas – Apple is claimed to completely solve the device overheating issue with the upcoming iPhone 16 model.

According to the tipster's post, the standard iPhone 16 model will use a battery of roughly the same shape and capacity as the existing iPhone 15 handset. But the coating of the battery will be changed. That is, previous models offered batteries with soft black foil packaging. But the upcoming handset will use metal or metal coating.

In fact, since the performance of the black foil is not particularly good in terms of heat dissipation, the device heats up quickly. Metal casings, in contrast, are able to more effectively manage the heat generated in the device due to prolonged use. Which saves the phone from overheating. This is why Tim Cook's company seems to have decided to change the battery coating.

Meanwhile, it is known that the standard model of the upcoming series i.e. iPhone 16 will be provided with a battery of 3,597 mAh capacity. For the sake of comparison, the iPhone 15 model has a slightly lower battery capacity of 3,367 mAh. Due to the slight increase in battery capacity, the successor handset is able to control the heat generated and provide a comparatively longer battery life.

As the base model of the series will get battery changes, it is likely that every variant of the iPhone 16 lineup will see a similar change i.e. metal battery coating. Note that under the upcoming series – iPhone 16 along with iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max will be launched in September.



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