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Apple dominates the US smartphone market, with other companies cornered by the iPhone

The famous investment bank JPMorgan Chase (JPMorgan Chase), analyzed the April 2023 data of Wave7 Research and revealed some important information regarding the sale of the iPhone. According to JPMorgan Chase analysts, sales of the standard iPhone 14 model have now surpassed the top-end iPhone 14 Pro Max, even making it the best-selling iPhone model in America today. Let’s take a look at the findings from this survey.

iPhone 14 is the best-selling model in the US

In April, the iPhone 14 standard version captured 19% market share among US operators. It overtook the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which dropped to second place with an 18% share. On the other hand, the market share of the iPhone 14 Pro model has reached 16 to 15 percent Surprisingly, the iPhone 14 Plus, known as the least popular model of the series, managed to maintain its 7% market share.

In addition, JP Morgan analysts highlighted that the overall market share of the iPhone among the three major US operators increased significantly in April, reaching 68 percent. This figure reflects a significant increase from the 61% market share recorded in March. Although the report did not provide specific numbers for other iPhone models, analysts at JP Morgan acknowledged the popularity of the iPhone 11.

Notably, the US company is expected to launch the iPhone 15 lineup by September next year with new features, technology and upgrades in multiple areas, so the battle between smartphone makers is going to intensify in the second half of this year.



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