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Another big mistake of Flipkart, the buyer got a stone instead of a 22 thousand rupees smartphone

Ordering expensive products through e-commerce sites has become a hassle these days. In the past two-three years, there have been several complaints against online shopping sites of consumers delivering wrong products. In some cases, the company refused to take back the goods sent by mistake. In this case, if the cheap clothes or small items ordered online are changed and no exchange or refund is given for it, then it may not be worn that much.

But instead of a Rs 22,000 smartphone, if a whole stone is neatly packed and delivered, then there will be a feeling of lightning on the head! A resident of Ghaziabad recently faced such an experience. This incident might not have come up if Flipkart had corrected their mistakes. But as the e-commerce site did not want to take responsibility for the incident, the customer was forced to share his experience on social media.

Infinix Zero 30 5G smartphone delivered instead of stone, Flipkart refuses to take responsibility

A resident of Ghaziabad ordered the Infinix Zero 30 5G smartphone of 256GB storage variant on Flipkart yesterday, March 28th. Ordered under the one-day delivery option, the product was dispatched to the customer on the same day. Anyone will be delighted to receive their favorite mobile within hours of ordering it. Complainant also became the person. But all joy fades after opening the retail box. Because inside the retail box, instead of the phone, there was a stone wrapped in paper and neatly kept. The person was shocked.

The person naturally contacts Flipkart’s Consumer Care Center after seeing that the wrong product or rather a completely different item has been delivered. Requested to return the stone and send the ordered Infinix mobile after reporting all the incidents. But surprisingly the company refused to accept this request. Even courier partners are contacted. They also clarified that they cannot take back the package. Finally the victim made a post on the X platform detailing the incident to get justice.

After the post went viral, Flipkart was forced to take the issue seriously. Later, it was learned that the e-commerce portal apologized to the buyer and asked to share the order amount at the same time. Apart from this, Flipkart has also advised all its customers to beware of fake seller accounts in view of this incident.

Customers who ordered the Nothing Phone 2a smartphone had a similar experience

Let us know that such incidents have happened many times before. Nothing Phone 2a was ordered by a customer residing in Halfil Kashmir. Although he was not sent a stone instead of a phone. But what was delivered was a completely different smartphone. Like the recent incident, Flipkart refused to exchange the product.



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