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12 megapixel dual camera world victory! iPhone 11 got the title of the best camera phone

Nowadays the smartphone camera and its performance have become very important. Some phones have reached a level of excellence in the camera department, capable of taking professional quality photos. If one is looking for the best smartphone for photography, then the name of Google Pixel might come to mind first. Because Google uses the right software to get the best output from the camera hardware However, you may be surprised to know that Google Pixel is not the most popular camera phone brand. According to a survey, the most popular camera phone brand is Apple. Several models from the US company have made it to the list of best camera phones, but the most popular among them is the iPhone 11. The survey also examined the popularity of professional standalone cameras in addition to smartphones.

The four-year-old Apple iPhone 11 took the title of most popular camera phone

One publication considered more than 470 million photos to find the most popular photography brands, camera devices and camera phones. And to access all these photos, the study relies on Flickr. Flickr is a platform where many photographers share their videos and audio. And the most important part is that Flickr photographers broadcast their setups by sharing metadata with photo files. Which makes it easy to identify which camera took the picture. Analyzing all this data helped to find the most popular camera phones according to the 100 most populous countries in the world.

iPhone 11 is the most popular camera phone ever

According to images from Flickr, the Apple iPhone 11 is the most popular camera phone. To be exact, there are 1,32,12,135 tags for iPhone 11 on Flickr. In comparison, the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max has a tag count of 18,94,379. This is a huge difference. But it must also be judged that the four-year-old iPhone 11 model is much older than the 14 Pro Max.

Note that the camera setup of Apple iPhone 11 includes two sensors of 12 megapixels. The primary is an f/1.8 wide camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), while the secondary is an f/2.4 ultrawide sensor. These specifications may not sound impressive, but they are enough to make the phone one of the most popular camera devices.

Also, Apple’s iPhone models dominate smartphone photography on Flickr, according to the survey. Of all the photos analyzed, Apple models took the top 24 places on the list based on popularity. In comparison, the 25th place went to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the first non-Apple device on the list. It is followed by the Google Pixel 6 Pro, which is the 26th most popular camera device on Flickr. But incredibly, there is no sign of the camera-centric Sony Xperia series of devices among the top 30 phones. Phones from Honor, Oppo and Xiaomi are also missing from this list.

On the other hand, when it comes to standalone camera devices, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the most popular professional camera. It has 1,17,61,586 tags on Flickr. With this, the Sony A7 III is in second place, with 90,94,495 tags on Flickr. Another major camera brand is Nikon, with its D750 model in fourth place. Canon’s standalone cameras made up most of the rest of the ranking.



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