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Free car checkup and wash, discounted labor charges, Nissan has come up with great offers on the occasion of monsoons

As the saying goes, the customer is actually equal to Lakshmi to the businessman. And only if you can satisfy that Lakshmi, Lakshmi profit is guaranteed. With this essence in mind, various companies have come to fight face to face in today’s competitive market. To survive the competition, different companies have to come up with various attractive offers at different times of the year. A few days ago, the French car manufacturer Renault launched a campaign to service the car. And this time the popular Japanese car manufacturer Nissan (Nissan) walked that way. Free Monsoon Checkup has started from 15th July. It will continue until the 15th of September.

Nissan has launched free monsoon checkup for cars till 15th September

Nissan and Datsun customers can get the vehicle checked up at all authorized workshops of the company spread across India. For that, customers can register for service at home through the Nissan Connect application. It is also possible to do this by visiting the Indian website of the company. In addition to this online management, you can book an appointment directly at your nearest Nissan or Datsun authorized workshop.

It is known that 30 point inspection will be done in this camp organized keeping in mind the rainy day. That is, every part of your car will be checked by the skilled employees of the company. This service includes free battery checkup, vehicle cabin and exterior checkup, undercarriage checkup and road test. Apart from all this there is another attractive offer for customers. Nissan promises to give every car a complimentary wash.

Usually during the servicing of the car some old equipment needs to be replaced. That is why the car owner has to pay extra money. Nishan is ready to address this issue as well. As part of the Monsoon Free Check Up campaign, customers will be given up to 10% discount on wiper blades. In addition, there is a discount of up to 20 percent on both brake pad replacement and fees. Customers are expected to save quite a bit of money while getting their car serviced due to this discount.

Mr. Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India said, “We are proud to provide Nissan customers with an engaging customer experience. This Monsoon Camp has been launched with the objective of providing free after sales service to every customer.”

Incidentally, the presence of more than 12,000 customers in the organization’s free monsoon camp organized last year proved the acceptance of this service. Inspired by that success, this year’s program has been organized. Nissan has also introduced 19 new touch points in FY2022-23. These include 14 authorized showrooms and five service workshops.



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