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Flying Taxi: Ola-Uber will be a thing of the past, flying taxis will fly in the skies of India next year

Technology lovers have already started seeing the hope of reaching the destination by riding a flying taxi avoiding the road traffic. But when such aircraft will hit the market is still shrouded in uncertainty. In this situation, India started to dream. Anand Mahindra, the head of Mahindra & Mahindra, one of the country's automobile companies, announced that such flying taxis will fly in the skies of India within the next year. Recently he introduced X-A (formerly known as Twitter) the first flying taxi developed on Indian technology.

India's first flying taxi could be launched in 2025

Anand Mahindra released pictures of India's first flying taxi, developed by an IIT Madras-backed company X-A. At the same time, the specification list of the car has also been shared among the fans. As seen in the picture, the range of this electric flying taxi is 200 km. It is capable of vertical takeoff and landing from a stationary position. Carrying weight capacity with 2 maximum passengers is 200 kg.

Again this aircraft is capable of flying at a height of 0.5 km to 2 km. The maximum speed is 200 km per hour. So it is understood, how fast this car will reach the destination. Wondering how much the rent will be? It is estimated that the route could double the current taxi. Ten kilometers of road can be reached in ten minutes in this Gaganyaan.

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However, the prototype model of the car is still being worked on. Then the testing will begin. Various security regulations and infrastructural developments will be looked into. That will have to wait till 2025. And once the use of flying taxis increases in the country, it is believed that it will be possible to reduce the fare gradually.

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