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Flying Car: In a few more months, Suzuki will start production of flying cars from 2024

Currently, various companies are looking at flying cars. Such vehicles will be used to deliver carefree passengers to their destinations in Madhya Pradesh, avoiding the increasingly congested roads. Various companies are currently focused on manufacturing such vehicles. This time, the famous Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki Motor (Suzuki Motor) announced to join hands with an organization called SkyDrive (SkyDrive) for the purpose of producing flying cars.

Suzuki Motor and SkyDrive will jointly develop the eVTOL

Both companies will jointly develop the Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing or eVTOL. The production of this Gagan vehicle will be done at the factory of Suzuki. Where SkyDrive will handle the sale. Their headquarters are located in the central Japanese city of Toyota. The company has big names like Itochu Corp, NEC Corp and Eneos Holdings as its shareholders. Last year they tied up with Suzuki Motor to jointly develop flying cars.

It is reported that Skydrive will open a subsidiary or branch company to manufacture the aircraft And Suzuki will help with manufacturing operations and finding skilled workers Notably, Skydrive has already developed a two-seater battery-powered compact flying car. Their aim is to start mass production of this car.

Day by day flying cars are taking center stage of discussion. Every company has started research on flying cars. Given the way things are going, it wouldn’t be surprising if we see cars like this flying over rooftops by the end of this decade.



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