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Find out how Candy Crush from Ludo King is putting you in danger

Ever since people started using mobiles, gaming has become a form of entertainment. And now playing various games on smartphones has become a pastime as well as an addiction. But do you know, playing games on smartphones can be a risk factor for me and you? Yes that’s right, recently VPN service provider SurfShark has claimed that games like Call Of Duty, Candy Crush Saga and Carrom Pool: Disc Game are very dangerous for users’ privacy. These gaming apps access data from 17 of the 32 data points on the user’s phone. This includes sensitive data ranging from photos and videos to contact details, location data, etc. That is, all the details of what pictures are being taken on your phone, who you are in contact with or where you are going are going to these games.

A survey of 50 popular apps is underway

Surfshark analyzed the 50 most popular apps in 60 countries around the world to see which apps used the most user data. In this case the games are also given a score according to data access. For example, users were given 1 point for not linking to contacts and game apps were given 2 points for accessing contacts. At the same time, the company gave 3 points to apps that track users across apps and websites.

According to the survey, the data hunger index of Subway Surfers, the 6th most popular game in the world, is 57.6. According to the report, the gaming app collects data from 12 data points including course location. Similarly, Ludo King ranks 38th in the list of ‘unsafe’ games for privacy in India.

The French-made gaming app accesses the most data

According to a report by SurfShark, France produces the most data-accessing apps in the world with an average index of about 42 percent. The number of such apps is not one or two, but 100. Talking about the US, this country produces 48 data hungry apps and their data access index is 35%. But the relief is that 13 such apps are made in India and their index is 27.1 percent. Granted, an app or game needs to access some data to function properly, but it’s important to keep an eye on exactly what data it’s accessing; Otherwise, you may be in danger later.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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