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Even after the penalty invoice has been deducted, you have not received a message on your phone, what to do?

Government of India as well as state administrations have enforced various strict rules and regulations to increase the safety system of roads in this country. One of which is the recent amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act. According to the new rules contained in this amendment, appropriate fines will be levied on those who violate the traffic rules. The traffic police is always monitoring this matter.

Currently, the traffic violations that can get you fined include over speeding, disobeying red signals, parking in wrong places, driving without valid license and many more. Over the past few years, cameras and various sensors have been installed on roads to monitor vehicles. These automatically send e-challans via SMS to the mobiles of the offending motorists. Shipping is arranged. However, in some cases, due to problems in the communication system, these automatically generated challans get blocked from reaching the accused’s mobile phone. That’s why the accused may face a late fine or jail time without knowing it. We paved the way to escape from it.

Check the government challan associated with your vehicle number at home by following a few simple steps –

Login to the online portal of the Government of India

This is the beginning on the website you have to go Then click on “Get Challan Details” option. Input your vehicle registration number, chassis number and engine number in the correct space. Be sure to keep all this information handy before logging into the website.

All information provided correctly

You have to enter vehicle registration number, chassis number and engine number correctly on the specific page of the website. After providing these, a verification code will be generated on your registered mobile number. Enter that code in the specified space. Then click on “Get Details”.

View details of e-challan

On the next page, you can see the necessary driving information associated with your vehicle. Check there if any of your invoices are outstanding. If any pending invoice is noticed then the amount must be deposited online. In such a case, you will get all the information related to the traffic violation at which time and place this challan was issued on this website. Even CCTV camera footage is provided many times.

Pay online

After that you have to pay the correct amount online for that invoice. For this, click on the “Pay Now” option in the specified place. Then you will automatically be directed to the secure payment gateway to provide various payment options. There you can easily pay the fine and get the receipt.



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