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Elon Musk in India in the face of the vote, meeting with Modiji fixed, Satellite Internet behind the scenes or any other plan?

The whole of India is now practically busy with the Lok Sabha elections, but in between, many important events are happening in the country. For example, this month is going to be very special for India’s technology development, because 21 April means that Elon Musk, the owner of the modern car manufacturer Tesla and the world’s largest satellite internet company SpaceX, is going to set foot here soon. It is confirmed that he will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi during this visit to India. And along with this news, a long-time speculation has also gained ground – it is heard that Musk may come to India and make a big announcement regarding satellite internet.

In fact, Elon Musk’s SpaceX company’s Starlink service will be launched in India and people in remote areas will be able to experience high-speed satellite internet, which has been rumored in recent years but has never materialized. Earlier, Elon Musk tried to launch the service in India, but the government did not approve it.

But now it seems that Starlink can get the government clearance after overcoming all the complications. According to reports, this was discussed in an inter-ministerial meeting and the Center has already issued a Letter of Intent (LoI). Besides, there are reports that Starlink may also get the necessary spectrum approval for its service trial. All in all, it’s not unusual for Musk to announce Starlink services this month. However, many see it as smelling of Musk’s plans for Tesla.

What is Satellite Internet?

Even though there is so much talk about satellite internet, many people are still not aware about it. For those who don’t know, the internet is usually delivered to you via mobile towers or optical fiber. And this type of service requires cables. But with satellite internet there is no need for cables, as mobile phones are connected directly to satellites that are placed in low Earth orbit.

Since the whole world can be covered with internet service with the help of satellite, there is no coverage problem. But it is not entirely without problems. In fact, the company that has more satellites or satellites, is able to offer better coverage and high speed internet data. Elon Musk’s Starlink is at the fore in this regard.



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