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Electric Truck: India’s first electric dumper truck to reduce pollution, capable of carrying a load of 70,000 kg

Although batteries have made their way into all types of vehicles in India, big trucks have yet to take off in that way. Heavy duty electric trucks are yet to be seen on Indian roads. But this time, Sany, one of the heavy machinery manufacturers in China, has unveiled India’s first electric open cast mining truck. Named Sany SKT105E. It is basically a dumper truck.

Sany SKT105E: India’s first electric open cast mining truck

Note that mining is considered to be the most polluting activity in the world. Therefore, in this case, if environmentally friendly trucks are used, the amount of pollution can be controlled to some extent, the organization thinks. Experts believe that such an electric dumper is a new milestone for the mining industry and the Indian market.

Deepak Garg, CEO, Sunny India said, “The launch of SKT105E is a historic moment for Sunny India and the Indian mining industry. By localizing and bringing in world-class electric technology, we have not only been able to increase efficiency, but also have led the nation towards a sustainable transportation system.”

At the time of unveiling, Sany said that their SKT105E is designed for open cast mining. The weight carrying capacity of this electric dumper is 70 tons or 70,000 kg. It is completely eco-friendly. Hence there is no possibility of carbon emission from it. The organization hopes that it will attract the attention of the Indian government as one of the steps to prevent climate change.

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