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Electric Car: Electric car is heavy, 50% people want to leave fuel car, says survey

Electric Car: Electric car is heavy, 50% people want to leave fuel car, says survey

Common people’s interest in electric cars seems to be growing at a rapid pace. The number of electric vehicles in the country is increasing by leaps and bounds. Eco-friendly models are raising the eyebrows of petrol-diesel vehicles. Deloitte presented a report on this. Surveys have revealed that common people are willing to abandon fuel-powered vehicles and adopt electric vehicles.

What does Deloitte’s survey say?

The survey was conducted on a total of 1,000 Indians from October 5, 2023 to October 12, 2023. This report has been published as “2024 Global Automotive Consumer Study”. The purpose of this survey was to know the attitude of the citizens of this country towards electric vehicles.

Recalling once again, India has emerged as the world’s third largest automobile market, surpassing Japan. In this situation, Deloitte has conducted this study to find out how rational the impulse to buy electric cars in the country’s market is.

Seeing the report of the survey may make many people’s eyes widen. It found that 50 percent of buyers are ready to ditch internal combustion (ICE) vehicles. Again, 24 percent of people are enthusiastic about buying a car with hybrid technology. In the context of this hybrid technology car, it has the coexistence of both engine and battery.

The survey revealed that high prices have become a thorn in the way for buyers to buy electric cars. 80% people expressed their desire to buy a car priced between Rs 5-25 lakh. 59% want to buy a petrol diesel car between 10-25 lakhs. Again, 58% of buyers showed enthusiasm to buy electric cars of the same price. 23% of people are willing to buy a fuel-powered car priced below 10 lakhs. 22% people said that they will buy it if it is an electric version.

It was found that 68% of the participants were concerned about environmental pollution and 63% were concerned about fuel prices. Regarding the charging station infrastructure, 66% of people said they want to charge at home and 22% showed interest in using public charging stations.

What should be the range of electric cars? Deloitte’s survey also revealed that. It was found that 40% of the participants expressed their willingness to buy a vehicle with a range of 400 km or more. 52% of the participants agreed to buy a car with a range of 200 km to 400 km. In a word, positive thinking has emerged among Indian buyers about electric cars.


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