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Dream of doing a wheelie on a bike like in the movie? With these 5 methods you too can achieve this art

Many times videos of bike stunts go viral on YouTube or social media. This type of driving with the front wheel of the bike at zero and the rear wheel is loaded is called wheelie in English. Adequate experience is required to perform this art. In general, it seems simple, but if you don’t know the necessary experience and technique, danger can happen at any moment. Young riders want to display such wheelies on their favorite sports bikes but the desire remains elusive as they do not know the right way. So today’s report reveals a few ways to wheelie. Let’s read the safety gear and become a wheelie expert.

5 Ways to Learn Wheelie on a Motorcycle

Gain basic concepts

Wheelie is a very old type of stunt in the motorcycle world. While doing this the front wheel of the bike is zero above the ground but the rear wheel is on the ground. Keep all the balance on the rear wheel while moving forward. This is done by relying on simple laws of physics. You should first know how much you need to apply on the accelerator while the bike is stationary.

Wear proper riding gear

With this type of activity on motorcycles, the risk of accidents is always associated. That is why it is imperative to wear proper helmet, gloves and other riding gear before wheelie. At the same time, a lot of open space is essential for wheelie. In this case, the area where there is less traffic of people and other vehicles and horses should be selected.

Control over the throttle

Successful wheelies require control over the motorcycle’s accelerator or throttle. In the beginning you have to practice this type of stunt by riding the bike at low speed in low gear and slowly controlling the throttle.

Correct body position and weight distribution

To wheelie you must shift your weight towards the rear wheel of the motorcycle. At this time it is absolutely necessary to hold the fuel tank very strongly with the help of both knees keeping both hands forward in a comfortable position. This type of tank gripping will give you extra morale.

Gradually increase the speed

In the initial case, start by keeping the speed low, holding the handlebars firmly and keeping control by pressing the right hand accelerator lightly. Then, whenever the front wheel starts to lift off the ground, gradually increase the speed of the bike while maintaining balance. However, it is important to keep in mind whether you are in control of the motorcycle at all times.

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