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Delivering accident reports or predicting heart attacks in advance, the Apple Watch has changed the definition of a smartwatch

One of Apple's breakthrough products is the Apple Watch. Which has saved lives of different people in different situations. It can detect various types of health problems in addition to the smartwatch's tasks and alert the user at the right time. It can even save lives by contacting emergency services in moments of extreme danger. Recently, an account named @AppleLeaker posted a few such screenshots, making the Apple Watch the focus of discussion once again. Below are the events given in the screenshots, where Apple Watch has played the role of protector of common man in different ways.

According to a screenshot shared, the owner of the @ebvisionnetwork8758 account said he received an alert from the Apple Watch for walking erratically. After which he goes to the doctor and learns that he has a problem with his knee. And for this he needs a knee replacement.

In another screenshot, posted by a social media user from the account @breezeh1127, the man's father is 73 years old. who met with a motorcycle accident some distance from home. And being away from home naturally no one in the family can know about the accident. However, the elderly man's Apple Watch immediately sends an alert to other family members. As a result, the person immediately came to know about his father's danger.

Also, a social media account named @Jumpywizard7665 posted that the user had been receiving AFib alerts from the Apple Watch for quite some time. However, at first he did not consider the matter important. However, when he contacted the doctor after a few days, he came to know that his problem was very serious. So according to the man, if the Apple Watch had not alerted him in time, his condition could have worsened.

Again, a user from the account @Lindalangve9039 posted that the best product he ever bought was the Apple Watch, which he bought in 2020. And after a few days it started showing him low pulse rate. After this incident he contacted the doctor and found out that he was going through sinus syndrome. And if he does not take action in time then he may face more serious problems.



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