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Cyclone Remal: How to repair multiple vehicles damaged by Cyclone Remal at no cost

Cyclone Remal has just ended. The city has become a village. Many areas are still under water. Train movement has been disrupted. But in such a situation, office workers can sit at home and enjoy the beauty of rain! I had to go out with the storm on my head. Again, the cars and bikes left outside in this disaster have been damaged by many people. As a result, it is difficult to go to work. If your car has also been damaged in a cyclone and you don't know what to do in that case, then this report is for you.

Find out where the problem is

It's natural to feel upset when your beloved car breaks down due to a natural disaster. So arrangements should be made to fix the four wheels as soon as possible. Where is the problem, you have to take such steps. If you don't have a mechanic around the scene, take a picture or video of the damaged part.

Contact the insurance provider

Contact the car insurance company for damages. Tell them about the problem in detail. Can show pictures or videos as evidence. If necessary, submit the vehicle registration certificate and your driving license to the insurance company.

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Repair the car and claim compensation

Car insurance coverage can be claimed in two ways – First, the insurance company remits the entire cost to the customer's bank account for fixing the car. Secondly, the car owner submits all the cost documents to the insurance company after repairing it from the garage. It is paid later by the insurance company. If the second procedure is to be done, remove the car from the garage and submit the proof of cost to the insurance company. Again if the garage is approved by the insurance company then cashless transaction can be done.

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