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Check these 5 things before taking delivery of the car or you will suffer for the rest of your life

Pre-delivery inspection i.e. the pre-purchase inspection of a new car. That is, before taking delivery of a new car, several things need to be checked in detail. Many people may say that if you buy a new car, what is the test? Bring it home with your eyes closed. But many a times the trend of repairing new cars and handing them over to customers has been observed in various places. So awareness is definitely needed. A car also has various electronic features, which must be checked before buying. But without wasting any more time let’s take a look at some things you need to keep in mind before getting the car delivered.


Rubbing a car with anything else will damage the exterior paint first. And if the impact is strong, the exterior panel may be bent or bruised. That’s why carefully examine all the exterior parts of the new car, the door surrounds, the front fenders, and even the outside of the roof. Remember that the light reflection on the paint on the exterior of the new car will be observed equally in all cases. Be alert if you notice any change in color anywhere. Even check that the windshield and window glass are correct.


We can only expect the interior of a new car to be in order. Be careful if the interior has the features mentioned in the vehicle brochure published by the company for the variant you have chosen. Also, it is imperative to make sure that the car seats, dashboard parts, air conditioners, heaters, music systems, various switches, buttons, ports, lights all work properly.


The lifeblood of any car is its engine. If these engine problems occur from the start, the joy of buying your car will be practically destroyed. Use the dipstick to check if the engine oil in a new car is at the correct level. Also check for leaks in the engine or liquid cooling system and windshield dispenser. If the various nutbolts around the front engine are in brand new condition, there will be no signs of opening through the range anywhere. So give importance to this at the beginning.


Be sure to test drive your preferred model before booking it. As a result, you can be sure about whether the suspension is making strange noises or the suspension performance is correct. If necessary, remove the front suspension cover fitted inside the front bonnet to see if it is secure.

Tires and Brakes-

Check all four tires carefully before delivery. Check that all four tires are manufactured by the same company or that tires of a specific section specified by the manufacturer are used. The same applies to the brakes. It is also important to check whether the rear brake caliper is brand new or has been replaced. Also ensure correct application of brakes on all four wheels first.

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