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Chat Backup: WhatsApp’s new trick, you have to pay for chat backup

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is going to cancel the free chat backup feature. Users of this instant messaging app will have to pay for chat backup from now on. It was hinted at from a beta version of WhatsApp. Also the company is sending notifications.

Note that even though WhatsApp still provides users with Google Drive for backup, the benefit of unlimited storage will no longer be available. From now on chat backup can be used in 15 GB storage available with Gmail account. Where your Google Photos, Drive etc. are already stored.

If your Gmail account has low storage and WhatsApp chat file size is high, then you have to pay for storage. For this you need to take Google’s Google One plan.

WhatsApp is already sending notifications in this regard. The notification says, “Back up your chats and media to Google Account storage. After installing WhatsApp on new phone you can restore it. This notification is currently available in beta version of Android.

What are the alternatives to free WhatsApp chat?

If you want to backup your WhatsApp chats for free, you need to upload small files. You can also delete the photos and videos you don’t need.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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