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Center warns Jio, Airtel, customers will have to pay fine for receiving promotional call-messages

This time the problem of spam or promotional calls coming from strangers on the phone is going to happen, the center took a big decision in the face of the vote.

Many times it happens that the phone rang when you were taking a nap after having a full stomach, or while you were on a call with someone, doing some important work or while driving, a call came from an unknown number. Meanwhile, you are quite annoyed by receiving that phone call, because the computerized voice is coming on the other end – that is, the incoming call is a promotional call. This problem is not today, Indian customers have faced this problem time and time again. In that case, it is going to be resolved soon, as the Modi government has asked all domestic telecom operators to stop promotional calls by this month.

It has been learned that if promotional calls are made from unregistered or unregistered mobile numbers without complying with government directives, telecom companies will have to pay fines and these calls made by them will be considered as 'im-proper trade practice' i.e. wrong type of business. Notably, this is the first time network service providers have been asked to impose fines for violating customer privacy and rights. And so this time the problem of promotional calls is expected to come under control.

Users are fed up with millions of calls

Currently mobile subscribers are receiving a lot of promotional calls and commercial messages from individual ownership 10 digit unregistered numbers. However these numbers are not registered for commercial use nor can they be used for promotional purposes. In that case, after a meeting with the stakeholders last week to take strict action against the entire incident, the telecom companies were told to impose a hefty fine.

The meeting's draft guidelines said companies found to be benefiting from unregistered calls would be held liable for spreading promotional calls. According to the government, such callers are required to register as commission agents in the names of various banks, insurance companies and real estate firms. On the other hand, this way telecom operators also have to show the identity of promotional calls, so that customers can decide whether to receive the call or not.

Let's say, in the said meeting, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Department of Telecommunications, Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, and Companies like Vodafone were present. All together decided to follow the rules of Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) and protect consumer interest.



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