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Car washed away in flood water? Learn how to claim compensation from an insurance company

We are all used to seeing the familiar picture of water woes when the rainy season comes. It is very common for the area around the house to become waterlogged after days of continuous rain. However, this year, several states of North India have witnessed a terrible picture of excessive rainfall. From Rajasthan to Gujarat, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, the same picture is being captured by the media cameras everywhere. In various parts of the Indian capital, water has accumulated up to the height of a person. Parking lots under various multi-storeys are completely submerged. Water came up over the roof of the car. All these cars are literally impossible to start until they are serviced. But if you have a policy with your car insurance provider to address these issues, worry is much less. In this report, how to apply to the insurance company and how to claim compensation in such a situation.

Do not attempt to start the vehicle

First of all, do not try to start the car if it is completely submerged in water. This results in severe damage to the engine. Even at that time incidents like violation of the terms of the insurance company may also happen.

Tell the insurance company everything

Your first task is to inform the insurance company in detail about this matter either through the car showroom or directly. The agent of the insurance company at the car showroom takes responsibility to oversee this matter. But if you don’t find someone like that, you should inform the company about the current condition of the car by phone or email. As a result, the company will be able to start managing insurance payments very quickly.

Filing an FIR with the police

If your car has been damaged by flood water or if the car has been swept away due to the torrential rains, it is definitely wise to file an FIR at the nearest police station. As a result, it will be convenient for the insurance company to take further action. Moreover, if unfortunately your car cannot be found by the police then copy of FIR is essential for insurance claim in this case.

Gathering all the necessary papers

After that, keep all the necessary documents for the car like registration certificate, insurance policy paper with you carefully. This paper may be required at various times until the entire process is completed. Also, you should keep the photo or video of the damaged car properly on your mobile phone. It is very useful for the future.

Helping insurance companies in their work

A representative of the insurance company will come to inspect your wrecked car. At this time they can take your car to a garage for a thorough inspection. Give them proper support during this entire process. Based on the information provided by the representatives, the insurance company will know how much money they can pay you.

Collecting the necessary funds

Only after the inspection of the insurance company is over will they pay you enough money to repair the damage. Sometimes the entire amount can be paid at once or in multiple installments.

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