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Car Sales: Car sales rose in February, happy from Tata to Maruti

Car Sales: Car sales rose in February, happy from Tata to Maruti

India made a comeback in the passenger vehicle segment after several years. The jitters in the auto industry due to the bite of the Covid-19 pandemic and shortage of semiconductor chips have finally been shaken off. In February, the passenger car ran. Statistics show that 3,30,107 new cars were sold in the country last month. In comparison, 2,93,803 vehicles were sold in February 2023. As a result the total demand increased by 12.35%.

Maruti Suzuki is leading in car sales

Maruti Suzuki tops the list as the best selling car ever. Last month, the Indo-Japanese company sold 1,31,191 units. This year their progress was 8.98% as 1,20,381 units were sold during the same period a year ago. Hyundai came second in the list with sales of 46,464 units.

Tata Motors is number three in the list. The company sold 44,784 passenger cars in the second month of this year. Mahindra, one of the rivals of Tatas, took the fourth place. They managed to sell 38,071 SUVs. Next up is Kia. In February 2024, they sold a total of 20,357 cars.

Sixth on the list is Toyota. The Japanese company managed to hand over the car keys to a total of 19,498 customers in the previous month. Significantly, the company sold 12,819 units in this month in the previous year. As a result, this year’s sales have increased by 52.10%. The next company to make it to the list is Honda. They sold 6,597 units of vehicles.

Skoda Auto VW India has climbed to number eight in the list with sales of 5,690 units last month. However, as 6,971 units were sold in February last year, this year there has been a decline of 18.38%. And finally, MG Motor and Renault occupied the ninth and tenth places respectively. The two companies sold a total of 3,738 and 3,568 passenger cars respectively last month.


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