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Car Care: Tired of mice all over the car this monsoon? Know the easy way to get rid

Due to heavy rains of the last two days, people have forgotten the hardships of summer and breathed a sigh of relief. But as we face multiple problems in every season, same is true in monsoon. This time of the year is more difficult for car owners than other times of the year. If you drive a car on a rain-soaked road, all the water and mud accumulates in different parts of the car. Therefore, if they are not cleaned regularly, there is a possibility of catching rust, along with it, there is an additional occurrence of rats. These four-legged creatures flock to human habitations in search of dry places when the surrounding areas are flooded by excessive rains. The same thing applies to cars.

A few simple steps to protect your wheeler from rodents during monsoons –

Rat repellent spray

These are the most useful tips to keep in mind in the beginning. The easiest way to get rid of rats is to use rat repellent spray. Such sprays are available for purchase at various online shopping sites. Spraying this liquid on the inside of the front bonnet of the car and all the places where these rodents take shelter can be very beneficial.

Park the car in a lighted area

Insects or rodents generally prefer dark environments. To put it simply, their travel to lighted places is a little less. In most cases, cars are parked for long periods in low light or dark areas. That is why such a dark environment is a paradise for rats. So it is better to arrange lighting in the parking lot.

The habit of eating in the car

There are many people who prefer to eat while sitting in the car. Unless absolutely necessary, such a practice can actually do harm. While eating, pieces of food enter the floor of the cabin or through various gaps in the seat, avoiding our view. And it is not unknown to us that rats attack people’s camps only for the sake of food. Therefore, if there is no food in the cabin of the car, the production of rats will be reduced.

Uses of tobacco leaves

Tobacco leaves have been used for a long time to disassociate rats from cars. Many people have reported in their own experience that placing a few dried tobacco leaves in the car cabin or around the engine works like magic. Insects and rats and their relatives cannot tolerate the strange smell coming from these tobacco leaves, so their movement decreases significantly.

Adopt natural means

We read about food chain in science books as children. According to this chain, food-eater relationship exists in every animal. You can get some relief from rats by using this natural law. This rat is the food of cat or dog. That’s why rats won’t tread that path anymore if they are in the vicinity of such a pet car to live in fear of their lives. However, not everyone may have the situation to pet an animal like a dog or a cat.



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