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Car breakdown in the middle of the road? Confused that there is no garage nearby, know how to protect yourself in this situation

You may have gone for a drive with your family over the weekend. Unfortunately, the car broke down in the middle of the road. There is not a single garage nearby. Have you thought about what to do in this situation? Instead of enjoying the ride, there will be no end to the irony. Even if such a situation comes, it is important to keep a cool head. Along with this, it is necessary to know some rules. Then the situation will be somewhat favourable. In this report we will discuss some such ways, which will be beneficial to have a proper understanding of.

Turn on emergency lights

When faced with a car breakdown situation, the first resort is to turn on the emergency lights. This will let other drivers on the road know that your car has broken down. So it is important to keep the emergency lights on until help arrives.

Stop the car on the side of the road

Keep the car off the road as much as possible if you see it. It is very good to have a place on the side of the road. This will provide a place to repair the car. However, it is better not to take the car down any excessively sloping place at risk.

Keep the emergency brake activated

According to experts, it is wise to use the emergency or parking brake in such situations. It can avoid accidents. For example, if your car drives on a steep slope or hilly road and does not use the emergency brake, there is sure to be danger.

Stay inside the car

If the car breaks down on a Shunshan road, it is better to stay in the car than to stand on the road. But if you absolutely must go out to investigate, park in a safe place.

ask for help

It is wise to ask for help in situations where the car cannot be driven at all. Keep the hood up when the car breaks down. This will let oncoming drivers know that your car has broken down. The best way is to report the car breakdown to the traffic police. If that’s not possible, call the emergency number or your insurance company to get roadside help. There are many mobile applications now available through which tow truck, mechanic or road side assistant services are available.

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