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Car Battery Care Tips: Your car battery is getting damaged due to these mistakes, if you are not careful now, do it

As with every part of a hobby vehicle, regular battery maintenance is essential. The battery in any vehicle helps to keep its electrical system running at all times. Controls everything from the car’s lights, horn to the music system, but that’s it. That’s why you have to constantly monitor the health of the battery like the engine or transmission system, air conditioner. Even in harsh climates like our country, the lifespan of car batteries suffers considerably.

Car batteries generally have a lifespan of three to five years. However, how long a battery can last depends on the environment and usage. It can get worse in just one to two years due to your carelessness. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure that you don’t end up with a battery drain after a year or two. Let’s see what they are.

Simple Car Battery Care Tips-

Do not use the car continuously for a long time

If your car is left unused for a long time, the battery loses its charge. In fact, regular charging and discharging of any rechargeable battery is good for the battery’s health. If the car is left in one place without driving for a long time, the fluid in its engine will remain stable, but it will cause various problems in the engine. The same is the case with the battery. If your car has been sitting idle for more than two weeks, you must take extra precautions when starting it again. To solve this problem, it is better to drive for at least thirty minutes every week.

Clean the battery regularly

Oily substances, dirt or watery parts usually damage the car battery. If this continues for a long time, the surface of the battery will swell or leak. That’s why at least once a month the accumulated dirt on the surface of the battery should be wiped with a dry cloth. Corrosion is seen at the positive and negative terminals of the battery during monsoons or in areas with excessive water vapor. This can lead to battery charging and discharging problems. To solve this problem it is better to clean the two terminals and apply petroleum jelly there.

Avoid using unnecessary electrical appliances

The various lights, headlights, ignition system, infotainment system installed in the interior of the car are all running with the help of the car’s battery. So when the car’s engine is turned off, all the power to run it is drained from the battery, causing extra stress on the battery. All these electrical equipment should be switched off even when leaving the vehicle. This definitely saves battery. Therefore, whenever you leave the car, always keep the car door locked. Battery charge is protected as the on board computer system is shut down. In addition, many people these days modify their cars and install different types of lights. But excessive use of these actually reduces battery life.

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