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CanvasTV looks like a cheap Hisense Unl photo frame, the picture-sound is great, the beauty of the room will also increase

Hisense CanvasTV Launched: In this technology-driven era, every brand in the market keeps coming up with new products to compete with each other. As a result, sometimes there are services or items being launched that we might not have even dreamed of! For example, popular China-based smart TV brand Hisense, recently announced a unique smart TV called Hisense CanvasTV, which looks exactly like a picture frame. Yes, this new appliance is completely different from a traditional TV – as it features a matte finish display that, when not in use, enhances the beauty of the room as a piece of digital art.

Let's say, the newly launched Hisense CanvasTV is very similar to the Samsung The Frame TV, but it can be bought much cheaper than the Samsung. In that case, it's only natural that the new smart TV will compete with Samsung's The Frame TV as a cheaper alternative. But not only for the design, this new Hisense smart TV is special, it will also provide a theater-like picture-sound experience. Let's now know everything about Hisense CanvasTV Smart TV price and features in detail…

New Hisense CanvasTV Price, Availability

The company has launched its Hisense CanvasTV in two screen sizes – 55-inch and 65-inch. Among them, the price of the 55-inch model has been set at $999 (about 83,000 taka), and the 65-inch model will be priced at $1,299 (about 1,10,000 taka). Comparatively, they are cheaper than the Samsung The Frame TV by $700 (about Rs. 58,000).

Incidentally, at the moment, apart from the price of CanvasTVs, there is no information about their availability in India i.e. how to buy them or whether the TVs will be available in the country at all. Hisense, eyeing the US market, has said that it will start selling smart TVs after the summer season ends this year.

Specifications of Hisense CanvasTV

Despite the lower price, the Hisense CanvasTV doesn't compromise on features, rather it comes with a 4K QLED display with anti-glare technology just like its more expensive rivals. Its screen refresh rate is 144 Hz, which provides smooth visuals. Besides, the display of this TV has an ambient light sensor, as a result of which its brightness will be adjusted according to the light of the room. On the other hand, CanvasTV has multi-channel 2.0.2 surround sound function. This means that its users can enjoy theater-like high quality picture and sound, as mentioned earlier.

Moreover, Hisense CanvasTV comes with various preloaded styles and art pieces, where you can even put your own photos. It even has an Art Mode button on the remote, which lets you switch between preloaded art pieces and your own photos. Not only this, the TV also comes with a feature (read motion sensor) that automatically turns off the display when the room is empty.



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