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Bringing back memories of yesteryear, Kawasaki is bringing retro bikes like the Royal Enfield

Kawasaki has shown several glimpses of their upcoming retro bike at various motorcycle shows over the past few months. Named Kawasaki W230. It is not yet clear when the India motorcycle will arrive. However, a lot of information about the specifications and features has surfaced.

The Kawasaki W230 is coming

The upcoming Kawasaki W230 is based on the Kawasaki W-series. This retro bike has old school styling. Design features include a round headlight, walnut-shaped fuel tank and single-piece seat with ribbed cover. With minimal bodywork, this bike shares similarities with the W800.

Nothing is known about the Kawasaki W230's engine, output and other details yet. It is expected to be powered by a single cylinder, oil cooled engine. The motor can be accompanied by a 5-speed gear. Features of the bike include dual analog pods, ABS and a side stand sensor.

The Kawasaki W230 features telescopic front forks, dual rear springs, single front and disc brakes and spoke wheels with tube tyres. However, Kawasaki has not officially announced anything about the launch date of this bike. The bike is expected to be the first to enter the international market. Then it can be launched in the Indian market.

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