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boAt Lunar Connect Ace Revealed with AMOLED Display and 10-Day Battery Life

Discover the boAt Lunar Connect Ace, a feature-packed smartwatch with an AMOLED display and 10-day battery life. Explore its specifications, health and fitness features, and seamless connectivity. Available in captivating colors, this smartwatch is a must-have. Buy now from the official website or Flipkart

boAt Lunar Connect Ace: In an exciting move, boAt, a leading brand in the smartwatch industry, has introduced its newest addition to the Lunar Connect series – the boAt Lunar Connect Ace. This cutting-edge smartwatch offers a plethora of features and specifications that are set to captivate consumers. Priced competitively at Rs 2,499, the boAt Lunar Connect Ace aims to rival its counterparts from popular brands like Amazfit, Noise, and Realme. Let’s delve into the exceptional offerings of this remarkable smartwatch.

Unveiling the Impressive Specifications and Features

AMOLED Display for Immersive Visuals

The boAt Lunar Connect Ace boasts a stylish circular dial embellished with a vibrant 1.43-inch AMOLED display. With its HD+ resolution and remarkable peak brightness of 700 nits, users are in for a visual treat that truly stands out. The sharpness and clarity of the display make it a delightful companion for any occasion.

Durability and Resilience

Designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, the boAt Lunar Connect Ace is IP68-certified, making it dust and water-resistant. Embrace your adventures without worry, knowing that your smartwatch can keep up with your energetic pace.

Health and Fitness Tracking at Your Fingertips

The boAt Lunar Connect Ace prioritizes your well-being, offering an array of health and fitness features. Equipped with a heart-rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, and menstrual cycle tracker, it provides comprehensive insights into your physical well-being. Additionally, the smartwatch includes guided breathing sessions and hydration reminders, ensuring you maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. To cater to fitness enthusiasts, this device supports over 100 sports modes, empowering you to reach new heights in your fitness journey.

Seamless Connectivity and Intuitive Controls

With the boAt Lunar Connect Ace, convenience is key. The smartwatch features a built-in microphone, speaker, and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling effortless hands-free calling. Save up to 10 important contacts directly on the device and enjoy the convenience of a dial pad for swift and easy access. Take control of your music and camera with ease, stay updated with real-time weather information, and rely on handy tools like an alarm and stopwatch, all conveniently accessible on your wrist.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Say goodbye to frequent charging with the Lunar Connect Ace’s remarkable 240mAh battery. Boasting an impressive battery life of up to 10 days on a single charge, this smartwatch ensures uninterrupted usage, allowing you to stay connected and enjoy its features without the constant need for recharging.

Eye-Catching Design and Color Variants

The boAt Lunar Connect Ace arrives in an array of captivating colors, including Charcoal Black, Indigo Blue, Metallic Black, Beige, Leather, and Purple. With its diverse range of options, this smartwatch allows you to express your personal style while enjoying its cutting-edge functionality.

Availability and Pricing

Excited to get your hands on the boAt Lunar Connect Ace? It is now available for purchase on the brand’s official website and the popular e-commerce platform Flipkart. Priced at Rs 2,499, this smartwatch offers incredible value for its extensive range of features and specifications.


The Lunar Connect Ace has arrived, making a splash in the smartwatch market with its remarkable features, captivating design, and attractive price point. With its AMOLED display, extensive health tracking capabilities, long-lasting battery life, and seamless connectivity, this smartwatch is a worthy contender for anyone seeking a versatile and reliable companion. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the next level of smartwatch technology. Visit boAt’s official website or Flipkart today and embark on a journey with the boAt Lunar Connect Ace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What makes the boAt Lunar Connect Ace stand out from other smartwatches?

A: The boAt Lunar Connect Ace sets itself apart with its stunning AMOLED display, extensive health and fitness tracking features, long-lasting battery life, and convenient connectivity options. Its competitive pricing further enhances its appeal in the market.

Q: Can I customize the watch face on the boAt Lunar Connect Ace?

A: Yes, the boAt Lunar Connect Ace allows users to personalize their watch face, enabling them to showcase their unique style and preferences.

Q: Is the boAt Lunar Connect Ace compatible with both Android and iOS devices?

A: Yes, the boAt Lunar Connect Ace seamlessly integrates with both Android and iOS smartphones, ensuring broad compatibility.

Q: Does the boAt Lunar Connect Ace support sleep tracking?

A: Yes, this smartwatch includes advanced sleep tracking functionality, providing users with valuable insights into their sleep patterns and helping them improve their overall sleep quality.

Q: Can I swim with the boAt Lunar Connect Ace?

A: Yes, the boAt Lunar Connect Ace’s IP68 certification ensures it is water-resistant, making it suitable for swimming and water-based activities.

Q: How can I extend the battery life of the boAt Lunar Connect Ace?

A: To maximize the battery life, it is recommended to optimize settings such as screen brightness, notifications, and usage of power-consuming features when not required.



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