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Blackberry 5G smartphone launching soon, confirmed by the company’s CEO

Blackberry 5G smartphone

Blackberry 5G smartphone all set to launch soon in the US, and Asia markets. The Taiwan based company, Foxconn and US-based OnwardMobility are trying to revive the blackberry back in the smartphone market. Both the company is developing the new keyboard-equipped handset for the upcoming Blackberry 5G smartphone.

Blackberry 5G smartphone will have a signature keyboard

Blackberry 5G smartphone

BlackBerry stopped selling their handsets back in 2016 and working instead on cybersecurity operations. TCL became a brand licensee and launched several smartphones under the BlackBerry branding but unfortunately, It would also exit the arrangement back in August last year. Now, Foxconn and US-based OnwardMobility are developing the new model to be sold under the BlackBerry brand. The smartphone may have the signature keyboard, top-of-the-line camera and 5G connectivity as well.

As per the reports, Peter Franklin founder & CEO of OnwardMobility said, “Our smartphones equipped with a physical keyboard can help boost productivity”. As earlier mentioned, The upcoming 5G blackberry phone will be launched not only in the US market but in the Europe, and Asia markets too. Franklin also said, “It is a global flagship device, and Asia is very important to us”. Additionally, The company also added a notify button on its official website for the upcoming Blackberry 5G smartphone.

However, The company has not shared any details on when the handset will launch in the smartphone market, but OnwardMobility hopes to do so as soon as possible.

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