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Bike Tips: If you follow these 5 tips on a rainy day, the bike will not be damaged even on muddy roads

Monsoon has already arrived in the southern states of India, though not in Bengal. At the same time, dark clouds of worry are gradually covering the minds of the bikers. The only thought is how to maintain the motorcycle's performance in this water-mud. It is also a challenge. But if you know the right method, you need to take care of monsoons. Even the rain can be taken out riding with a thumbs up. Today's report discusses how to keep bikes in good condition during monsoons.

Motorcycle Maintenance in Monsoon

Check the lights

The biggest problem during the monsoons is reduced visibility on the roads at night. That is, the light in the headlights. So check every light of the car to see if they are working properly. These include dual headlight beams, DRLs and brake lights.

If it is still difficult to walk on the road at night, then install white lights. You will see that the visibility has increased a lot. Lights with wattages around 4300 Kelvin are considered ideal. If that is not possible, an aftermarket yellow auxiliary light may be the best choice. But before that it is important to know the local laws.


Tires are extremely important for driving in monsoons. Because at this time if the condition of the tire is weak, the accident can happen at any time. Before riding on wet roads, check that the tires have enough tread. Replace the tire if necessary. Apart from this, if grease is applied to the bearing, there will be no problem in monsoon.

Supersports tires are used on some motorcycles. They offer great performance on dry, bumpy roads. But taking it out on wet roads is inevitable. Street Focus tires can be chosen as an alternative. They channel water on wet roads as well as offer better grip. Again, fitting road-biased tires to bikes with dual-sport tires will give better results.

Check the condition of all fluids

It is important to check the condition of all the oils in the car as rainy days come. These include engine oil, coolant and brake fluid. If they fall short of the requirement, top it up immediately.

clean up

Wash the motorcycle thoroughly before riding. If necessary, you can take the help of a small brush. So that all the dirt can be removed from Konakhamchi. Ceramic coatings can be used, but they cost a bit more. You can apply polish or coat instead. Wax coating is also quite good.

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