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Bike Mileage Tips: Thinking that the oil is burning more? Learn the most effective ways to increase bike mileage

Whenever a new motorcycle is launched in the market, most of the buyers look at the mileage. That's because the maintenance cost of the bike is highly dependent on the mileage. If the desired mileage is not available, the user has to back off when going on a long trip. It can also be seen that the motorcycle is not giving as much mileage as it used to in new condition. But there are many ways to increase mileage. Today's report discusses five such ways.

Regular servicing

Do you know, if the bike is serviced regularly, then the mileage increases. It also increases the performance and lifespan of the bike. If you look at the user manual and servicing book that comes with the bike, you can see the recommended service intervals.


If you are worried about not being able to increase the mileage, then I would say check the tire pressure. If there is not enough air in the tire, the pressure on the engine is high. As a result, more fuel is burned. So if you want to get more mileage, measure the tire pressure every few days.

Fuel quality

Check the user manual for the type of fuel your bike requires. Two types of petrol are available at the pump – regular and premium. Premium petrol costs slightly more because of the octane rating. But it gets more mileage if it is filled. Again adding regular fuel additives to the fuel also increases the mileage. It also helps to clean the fuel if there is any dirt.

Speed ​​Count

Every bike has a specific speed. It depends on the model. Riding at that speed gives maximum mileage. Generally riding at 40-60 km per hour has minimum fuel consumption. So most of the time the bike should be ridden within this speed.

Avoid sun rays

You may not believe it, but it is true that sunlight is directly responsible for reducing bike mileage. If the bike is parked in the sunlight for 8 to 9 hours continuously, the petrol evaporates. However, this evaporation process is very slow. That's enough to reduce mileage.

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