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Big accident during smartphone charging, 14 year old child lost his life, know where this accident happened

It is being told that this incident happened in Badaun of Uttar Pradesh. Where 14-year-old Satyam Sharma died due to electrocution during iPhone charging.


Technology has progressed a lot nowadays, but due to this many bad accidents are not taking the name of stopping. Once again an innocent has lost his life due to the charger of the smartphone. It is being told that this incident happened in Badaun of Uttar Pradesh. Where 14-year-old Satyam Sharma died due to electrocution during iPhone charging. According to a News 18 report, Satyam’s iPhone was on charging. During this he received the call and suddenly he fell on the ground due to electrocution. Come, let us tell you the details of the whole matter further.

how did the accident happen

It has been revealed in the report that the case of death of a 14-year-old child due to electrocution from the charger is on Monday. Satyam was playing with his friends on Monday. Meanwhile, when Satyam tried to remove the phone from charging after receiving the call, he got a big shock of current.Also read: How to check balance of FASTag account, these are 3 easy ways…

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Smart watch also affected

Regarding this matter, Satyam’s friends say that as soon as Satyam removed the phone from charging, its reaction was also seen on his smart watch. He had fallen on the ground and his whole body had turned black. At the same time, it is expected that Satyam had lost his life soon after getting electrocuted.

second hand iphone took life

In the end, let us tell you that after Satyam got electrocuted, his family members were talked to, in which it has come to know that Satyam was very fond of keeping gadgets and had bought a second hand iPhone a few days back. Now it remains to be seen how the smartphone company and other officials react to the incident.

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How to avoid these accidents

  • Always do full charge cycles (0-100 percent) and avoid overnight charging. It is better to charge regularly than to charge repeatedly.
  • Running out of charge at 80 or 90 percent is better for the battery than going completely full.
  • Use fast charging techniques when the phone is heating up.
  • Heat is a battery killer. Do not cover your phone while charging and keep it away from hot places.
  • To avoid heat, do not play games, stream videos or do any other operation while charging.

Note: If you also really want to avoid such incidents, then we would like to request you never to use the phone while charging for the sake of safety.

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