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Best Selling Bikes: Selling in lakhs, these 5 bikes of India are rocking the market

India's bike market is dominated by companies like Hero, TVS Honda, Bajaj. The rest never dared to approach them. The demand is increasing day by day in the country's two-wheeler market. Along with petrol powered bikes and scooters, sales of electric two wheelers are increasing by leaps and bounds. Today's report revolves around India's best selling bikes in April. Let's take a look at the top five motorcycles in terms of sales last month.

Hero Splendor Plus

As usual last month also saw Hero Splendor Plus leading the Indian motorcycle market. A total of 3,20,959 models of this bike were sold in April. As against 2,65,225 units in April last year, demand increased by 21.01%.

Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj managed to sell 1,44,809 bikes of the Pulsar series last month. That's why the bike ranks second in the list. Whereas the previous year's sales figure in April was 1,15,371 units. Compared to that last month demand increased by 25.52%.

Honda Shine

Honda Shine continues to attract buyers even today. By selling 1,42,751 units, this bike has come third in the list. Whereas in April 2023, 89,261 units were sold. Compared to that, there has been 59.93 percent progress in last month's sales.

Hero HF Deluxe

Another motorcycle from Hero is the HF Deluxe at the fourth position in the list. Last month, the company was able to hand over the keys of the motorcycle to a total of 97,048 buyers. Sales of the 100cc bike grew by 23.31% over a year ago (78,700 units).

TVS Raider

The TVS Raider is one of the most feature-rich bikes in the 125cc segment. It costs Rs 97,019 (ex-showroom). Last month this bike reached 51,098 new buyers. In comparison, 31,491 models of the bike were sold at the same time last year.



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