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Best Scooty in India: 5 best scooty in the country, like good mileage, will last all year round

Scooters are relatively cheap and easy to ride. Recently, many people are using scooters instead of bikes for long journeys, even within villages or cities. Now the question is, there are various models available in the market, which one is suitable among them. This report explores the five best scooters based on performance, mileage and price.

Top 5 Scooters in India

First on the list is the Honda Activa 6G. It is currently the best selling scooty in the country. One liter of petrol can travel 50 km. Weight 107 kg. Activa 6G now costs Rs 77,711 to Rs 84,211 (ex-showroom).

TVS Ntorq came second. This scooter, which is very popular among the young generation, gets a mileage of 40 km on 1 liter of fuel. The curb weight of the model is 116 kg. Currently, the price of this scooter has gone from Tk 87,133 to Tk 1,08,488 (ex-showroom).

At number three is the Suzuki Access. It ranks among the top three models in terms of sales every month. This scooter weighing 104 kg can travel 50 km on 1 liter of petrol. It is currently priced at Rs 82,247 to Rs 93,018 (ex-showroom).

TVS Jupiter is fourth in the list. The mileage of this scooter is 50 km, priced at Tk 76,738-91,739. Weight 109 kg. And the latest model in the list is the Yamaha Fascino. It is also able to give 50 km mileage. Price 81,975-95,060 taka (ex-showroom).

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