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Best Electric Car: These are the best electric cars that will reduce pollution and costs

This woman is afraid to paint the eyes of environmental pollution and its cause, global warming. Hundreds of thousands of 'living' trees have sacrificed their lives to bring out the urban beauty. Now the way to save 'Mother Earth' from pollution is to plant as many trees as possible. Another way to curb pollution is to reduce the use of vehicles that emit black smoke and increase the number of electric vehicles. Recently, many environmentally conscious people are buying battery cars. For those eco-conscious shoppers, today's report highlights three of the best electric cars you can afford.

Tata Nexon EV

Tata Nexon EV is the best selling electric SUV in the country. Price Rs.14.49 lakh to Rs.19.49 lakh (ex-showroom). The car is available with 30 kWh and 40.5 kWh battery packs. The two models are capable of covering a distance of 325 km and 465 km respectively on a full charge. The output of the electric motor is 129 bhp and 144 bhp respectively.


MG ZS EV is another popular electric car available in the Indian market. It currently costs Tk 18.98 lakh to Tk 25.20 lakh (ex-showroom). It has a 50.3 kWh battery, which gives a range of 461 km on a full charge. The motor outputs 177 bhp and 280 Nm.

Hyundai Kona Electric

The price of Hyundai Kona Electric in the country ranges from Tk 23.84 lakh to Tk 24.03 lakh (ex-showroom). The car has a 39.2 kWh battery as the power source. It gives a range of 425 km on a full charge. A maximum power of 136 bhp and 395 Nm of torque is available from the electric motor present in it.

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