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Bajaj-Triumph bike is a loss if you buy it now, why are you saying this? Thank you if you know

The Triumph Speed ​​400 was launched in the Indian market on July 5 at a starting price of Rs 2.23 lakh (ex-showroom). It is jointly developed with Bajaj. The first 10,000 buyers will get the keys to the bike at this price. Then the company said to increase the price to 2.33 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). Meanwhile, a screenshot regarding the on-road price of the bike has gone viral online. The price of the Speed ​​400 comes to Rs 3.38 lakh, which is claimed to be inclusive of all taxes and other charges. What the eyes of enthusiastic buyers.

Bajaj messaged that the price claimed in this screenshot is completely wrong. They have clarified that the on-road price of the bike has not been revealed yet, which will be announced on July 10. Now the issue is, if you plan to buy a motorcycle with less than 500cc engine, should you wait until the 10th? Let’s take a look.

Here’s what Bajaj has to say about the on-road price of their Speed ​​400

In a statement, Bajaj said, “Bajaj is committed to auto buyers. We provide best price and transparency. We appeal to all consumers and media, please do not listen to these social media rumours. Where the new on-road price of Speed ​​400 is shown.” The company has made it clear that they will announce the on-road price of their Speed ​​400 on the 10th.

In a screenshot that went viral on social media, the Triumph Speed ​​400 is priced at Rs 46,553 for road tax, Rs 17,000 for delivery charges, Rs 3,937 for registration and RTO charges, Rs 6,016 for RSA, Rs 23,592 for insurance and Rs 23,592 for intro kit. 8,500 has been shown. The total price of the motorcycle is Rs 3,38,598. Seeing that, the eyes of interested buyers are raised. So according to Bajaj, the on-road price of the bike will be less than Tk 3.38 lakh. As suggested, one can wait for two days till July 10 to see how the price surprises.



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