Home News automobile Bajaj regains popularity after Pulsar, sales up 42 percent

Bajaj regains popularity after Pulsar, sales up 42 percent

Bajaj regains popularity after Pulsar, sales up 42 percent

It goes without saying that Bajaj Auto is a very popular company in the vehicle market in India. Due to the cheapness of spare parts, be it two wheeler or three wheeler, they have a booming market in all cases. Their vehicle sales figures for February have been released since the beginning of March. Where it is seen that in the previous month they managed to sell a total of 3,46,662 units of vehicles. In comparison, sales in February 2023 were 2,80,226 units.

In February 2024, Bajaj’s sales also increased in the two-wheeler segment. In the previous month, the company handed over the keys of two wheelers to a total of 1,70,527 buyers in the market of this country. Whereas a year ago at that time the sales volume was 1,20,335 units. As a result, this year sales progress has been 42 percent. The Pulsar N and NS series are believed to have boosted sales due to updates to each model.

Bajaj sold a total of 2,06,894 vehicles in the Indian market last month. 1 year ago which was 1,53,291 units. As a result, 35% increase in sales has been witnessed in this case as well. Bajaj has seen the light of hope in exports too.

In the second month of 2024, Bajaj delivered a total of 1,39,768 units of vehicles in the international market. In comparison, their exported vehicles in February 2023 were 1,26,935 units. As a result, the amount of rise in this case is 10%. On the other hand, commercial vehicle sales increased by 10% to 36,367 units last month after 32,956 units a year ago.


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