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Bajaj Freedom: If the oil runs out, it will run on gas! Launch of world's first CNG bike tomorrow

Bajaj is going to launch India's and the world's first CNG motorcycle tomorrow. There were speculations that the name of the bike might be Bruiser. Because the company has not released the official name yet. But a day before the launch it was known that it will be called Freedom 125. This was leaked from a screenshot of Bajaj's website.

Bajaj CNG bike will be called Freedom

It may be noted that LML used to sell a commuter bike named Freedom before entering the business in India. Bajaj is bringing back that name. The number 125 at the end of the name indicates the capacity of the engine. According to Bajaj's official teaser, it will be a bi-fuel motorcycle. By pressing the switch you will get the option to run in petrol and CNG mode.

Bajaj Freedom: If the oil runs out, it will run on gas! Launch of world's first Cng bike tomorrow

Bajaj is known for launching models at low prices. Pulsar 400 is a recent example. The Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG bike is expected to be priced between Rs 90,000 and Rs 1 lakh. The AK 125 cc entry-level motorcycle could be positioned between the Honda Sign 125 and the premium commuter Raider 125.

It should be noted that Bajaj is going to officially launch their CNG bike in India tomorrow afternoon. Only then can detailed information be given about the motorcycle price, specifications, or features. The product has already started buzzing in the automobile industry.

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