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Bajaj Freedom: CNG cylinder under the seat, if burst! How safe is the Bajaj Freedom?

'Let's see a few months. If I don't get news of any accident due to tank burst, then I will take it.' When asked about the purchase, many people in the know are talking about Bajaj's first CNG bike Freedom 125. Undoubtedly, the use of CNG fuel in motorcycles is a revolutionary step. But the Zerba organization has many questions about the safety of this bike. Because the gas cylinder is placed vertically under the seat. Right next to it is the petrol tank. As a result, if it bursts suddenly, then straight up! For now, bikers are worried about this issue. However, Bajaj claims that the Freedom 125 is completely safe and secure.

Bajaj has tested itself and industry standards to ensure safety and security. The CNG bike has faced the same crash test as a car. They have released the video of the entire incident to allay the fear of the people. Freedom was thrown under a 10 tonne lorry after a head-on collision with a 1.5 ton car. Bike riders can be worry free after seeing the results of these two tests.

Frontal Collision Test

In the first test, a 1500 kg four-wheeler was crash tested with the Bajaj Freedom. With which a mid-sized SUV can be compared. First, a head-on collision occurred between two vehicles at a speed of 60 km per hour. The video did not show much damage to the bike. The fuel tank lid is open. The biggest fear was that the CNG tank was intact. Bajaj claims that there is no displacement of the tank, no cracks or gas leaks. That much is clear, the tank is quite solid and the frame is very strong.

Truck Runover Test

The second test was even more terrifying. A 12-wheeler truck weighing 10,000 kg runs on the Freedom 125 CNG. In this incident, naturally the bike got twisted and damaged. But there was no scratch on the cylinder. Gas pressure remains unchanged. But what is noteworthy is that in this runover test too, the truck became the bike's fuel tank and spilled over the front wheels. It remains unknown what would have happened if the CNG tank had passed through the middle.

Bajaj assures that the Freedom bike has also been tested by being dropped from top to bottom. It has been investigated how much impact it can bear if it is hit on both sides. In both cases, however, the result is the same. No damage to the tank. As a result, there is no question of bursting But remember, everything is predetermined in these tests. That is, the weight and speed have been accurately measured in a crash test in a controlled environment. As a result, it cannot be said that the actual situation has been presented completely.

We know how accident prone two wheelers are. Whether it contains CNG or petrol, or both, the risk is bound to increase if not driven properly on the road. Freedom 125 is the product of three years of research by Bajaj. It is the world's first CNG powered bike. No other two-wheeler in the world has a bi-fuel system like this bike. It has 2 kg CNG cylinder and 2 liter petrol tank. Bajaj claims that the bike is capable of giving a range of 330 km (217 km on CNG and 115 km on petrol). Prices start from Tk 95,000 (ex-showroom).

125 cc engine is used in Bajaj Freedom. It is capable of producing 9.4 horsepower and 9.7 Nm of torque. Special features of the bike are reverse LCD instrument panel with Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlights, LED taillamps, and USB charging port. There is a switch on the right side of the handlebar, which can be pressed to toggle between petrol and CNG modes.

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