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Bajaj CNG Bike: Bajaj will create history by launching the world’s first CNG motorcycle in June

Bajaj Auto is determined to set a precedent by bringing the world’s first CNG motorcycle to the market. They are a little more active in this regard. Initially, this eco-friendly gas-powered bike was supposed to be launched in 2025, but it was later pushed forward to 2024. In a recent interview with the media, Bajaj Managing Director Rajeev Bajaj confirmed that the CNG bike will be launched in June this year. As a result, interested buyers do not have to test much patience.

Bajaj will launch the CNG bike in June

According to a PTI report, Rajeev Bajaj has pledged to spend Rs 5,000 crore on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ over the next five years. Earlier in a statement, the company confirmed the development of the CNG bike. This time, only the duration has been reported.

This bike is one of Bajaj’s projects in the last few years. Bajaj is well versed in CNG technology. Because the company has already gained experience in manufacturing CNG three wheelers. So this time they have decided to give this technology to two wheelers as well. Notable features include low emissions, 50-65% lower consumption and 50% lower carbon dioxide emissions.

It is reported that the world’s first CNG bike may be named Bajaj Bruzer. The recently leaked images show that this commuter bike has front disc brakes. 110-125 cc engine may be offered. This CNG powered model will get more mileage than the petrol version. Apart from the CNG bike, various reports claim that the 400 cc Pulsar is coming this year.

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