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Bajaj CNG Bike: 67 in oil, 101 in gas, Bajaj's petrol CNG bike set a record in mileage.

Bajaj Auto has surprised the world by launching the world's first CAG managed motorcycle this week. The name of the new bike is Freedom 125. It is also the first dual fuel bike, which is yet to be seen in any other two-wheeler. It has both cylinder for CNG and fuel tank for petrol.

Bajaj CNG Bike Mileage

Bajaj claims that the motorcycle will give a mileage of 101 km on CNG. That is, it can run up to 202 kilometers in total due to the dual cylinder. And petrol mileage will be 65 km. That is, 130 kilometers can be run in a 2 liter tank. It can run up to 330 if the range of two fuels is taken. But remember, the mileage will be less or more depending on the type of road or how it is being driven.

Bajaj claims the Freedom 125 has shown greater fuel efficiency in internal tests. However, due to legal obligations, they do not want to make it public. Right now, the cost of riding the bike is Rs 1 per kilometer. Whereas a petrol bike costs Rs 2.25 per kilometer.

Talking about the price, the Bajaj Freedom 125 DR is priced at Rs 95,000 for the base model Besides, drum LED and disc LED will cost Rs 1,05,000 and Rs 1,10,000 respectively. Each ex-showroom price. Bookings can be made by visiting Bajaj dealerships and official website.

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