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Average download speed in India increased by 18 times thanks to 5G network, and what is the improvement of Ookla

In October 2022, Jio and Airtel launched the first 5G in the country. Since then, the two telcos have aimed to roll out 5G networks across India. Airtel then announced that they will complete the 5G coverage across India by March 31, 2024. However, Jio claims that it has already rolled out 5G network to all parts of India. No matter what the two telcos put forward, there is no denying that both the telcos have developed advanced infrastructure in India to provide 5G networks, which has led to a huge improvement in India in the speed section as well.

5G download speed in India –

According to the latest report published by Ookla, the download speed of 5G network in India is 301.86 Mbps, which is 18 times faster than the download speed of 4G mobile network. In addition, nationwide 5G network availability increased by 23.9 percent in a year, rising from 28.1 percent in the first quarter of 2023 to 52 percent in the fourth quarter.

The 5G network has also provided superior video viewing experience compared to the existing 4G-LTE. Jio and Airtel, both 5G networks have changed the status quo when it comes to watching videos.

Jio’s 5G experience is marginally better than Airtel’s 5G

Reportedly, Reliance Jio’s 5G coverage is slightly better than Airtel’s 5G. Because Jio’s 5G network takes 1.14 seconds to start video, not Airtel’s 1.29 seconds. Again, while Jio’s 5G Net Promoter Score increased by 41.2 points, Airtel’s score increased by 27.6 points.

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