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Atom GP1: The country’s first wee racing bike for kids! Buy it for a small member of the house or not

Is it only adults who can ride a racing motorcycle? Do we keep track of such desire that can be nested in the minds of young people? kept An Indian two-wheeler company has actually taken the initiative to fulfill this wish of the little ones. Coimbatore company CRA Motorsport has launched the country’s first small racing bike for children. Named – Atom GP1. Ideal for 10-17 year olds. However, many people will rush after hearing its price. Compared to an expensive motorcycle for adults that doesn’t skimp on parts. The Atom GP1 is priced at Rs 2.75 lakh (including GST) in India.

Atom GP1 will fulfill the dreams of young riders

At this price, a premium bike from KTM, Harley-Davidson and Royal Enfield will come. This motorcycle has been brought as a mini GP motorcycle kit by the company. This bike will especially help you fulfill your dream of becoming a rider when you grow up. Kids can get their hands on the racing track from a young age. So by now it is clear that the Atom GP1 is not a roadworthy model. It has been brought only to run on the racing track.

It has reportedly taken CRA Motorsport over three years to develop the Atom GP1. The first prototype model was produced in 2020. The second one is brought after a year. It is tested on racing tracks in different countries. Like – Curry Motor Speedway, Madras Motor Race Track, Hyderabad Sikken Circuit, Curry Town of Arabia, Mico Cartopia and others.

Powering the Atom GP1 is a 159.3 cc, single cylinder, two-valve, carbureted engine. It produces 15 bhp of power at 8,000 rpm and 13.85 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. The number of gears is five. From which it is clear that it is capable of beating the older motorcycles in terms of power as well.

In terms of hardware, the Atom GP1 is no less. It features custom built frame with USD front fork and monoshock rear suspension to maintain the riding comfort. Front single disc and rear petal disc brakes are provided. It will ride on TVS NTorq 12-inch alloy wheels and TVS Remora tyres. It has fiber glass body sails with SS race exhaust. The Atom GP1 will be used for racing. It will be manufactured at CRA Motorsport’s factory in Coimbatore. It has been informed that 250 units of the bike will be produced in the initial phase.



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