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Ather Halo Helmet: Now the helmet has smart features, Bluetooth, listening to favorite songs and more!

In keeping with the times, electric scooters are also being given new features. It can be said that compared to petrol scooters, electric models are now several steps ahead in that direction. Take the Ola S1 Pro as an example. This high-tech e-scooter has an on-board speaker. That is, music can be played in it like a car. In this scenario, Ola’s biggest rival Ather Energy has made it clear on social media that their upcoming family e-scooter Rizta is not offering such an on-board speaker. Many may be disappointed after hearing this news. But how can you let the customers fall into the frenzy! So there is a surprise on the side of ether.

Apart from Rizta, Ather brings ‘Halo’ smart helmet

Ether said, in addition to the launch of Rizta on April 6 i.e. their Community Day, the ‘Halo’ smart helmet is being brought. It has an in-built Bluetooth speaker. Which will allow customers to listen to music. More details about the helmet will be revealed after the unveiling at Ether Community Day.

Anyway, Ather Rizta is really a family electric scooter. It has been seen testing several times on the roads of the country. It is quite big in terms of size. It is going to come as the biggest seat scooter in the country. Therefore, two adults can sit well in it, claims Ether.

Boot space will be more due to having bigger seats. A recently released video shows how capable Ather Rizta can be on waterlogged roads. It has a color TFT display, which is also present in the 450X. The model is expected to be priced around Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 1.45 lakh.



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