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Are you not making these mistakes while filling the car or bike with oil? If not careful, but disaster

If you use a motorbike, scooter or car, you have to run to the pump to fill petrol or diesel. Usually this is simple enough for all of us. When you go to the petrol pump and tell the duty staff the amount or amount of money, they fill the tank with oil. But do you know that at that time several mistakes without your knowledge can cause big problems in the future? So let’s take a quick look at some things that should be kept in mind while filling oil in bikes and cars at the petrol pump.

Check fuel prices

Currently, the price of petrol and diesel fluctuates constantly in every city. So whenever you go to fill up at a petrol pump in a particular place, check the price of petrol and diesel for that day on your mobile phone. And keep an eye on whether that price is written on the display board installed at the petrol pump. It is also necessary to check whether the correct price is written in the cash memo generated by the pump machine after filling the oil.

The engine fork of the petrol pump should be at zero

The oil extraction machines fitted in today’s petrol pumps have digital systems. There is a clear calculation of how much oil is coming out on the display. Make sure the oil dipstick on this machine is at zero before every time your car is filled with oil. But this matter is very important. If you are careless, you can fall into a fraud trap at any moment.

Turn off the engine

Remember that petrol and diesel are highly flammable. That’s why you must keep the car engine off while filling the petrol pump. Although this may seem like a simple matter, it is wise to turn off the car engine for a while for your own safety and the safety of everyone in the area.

Automatic Oil Drain After Stopping Re-Oil Naive Naive f

Oil extraction machines installed in petrol pumps are controlled by an automatic technology. Whenever the car’s petrol tank is filled with oil up to a certain height, the oil emission from this machine is automatically stopped. Up to this time petrol or diesel filling is said by various car manufacturers. That is, avoid refilling oil after it automatically shuts off. Never fill the tank up to the brim.

Avoid using mobile phones or lighters

As mentioned earlier, petrol or diesel is highly flammable. Not only that, it has a strong ability to absorb. So any spark of fire in the vicinity of the petrol pump can instantly cause great danger. That is why it is better to refrain from using mobile phones, lighter cigarettes between petrol pumps.

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