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ARAI Crash Test: Not just four-wheelers, scooter crash test launched in India to check safety

Electric scooters are not the answer to pollution control. At the same time, many are opting for eco-friendly two-wheelers to avoid the exorbitant price of petrol. But in this case, a problem has become a cause for concern. That is the case of battery-powered scooters catching fire repeatedly. As a solution to this problem, the Automotive Research Association of India or ARAI has taken the initiative to conduct crash tests of cars as well as electric scooters. The company recently conducted three different crash tests on the electric two-wheeler. which is conducted at the office of ARAI in Pune, Maharashtra.

ARAI conducts crash tests on electric scooters in India

Until now, only four-wheelers were crash tested. But ARAI has decided to check the health of electric scooters after witnessing the continuous fire incidents in electric scooters since 2022. According to sources, crash tests have been conducted on certain company models. ARAI, however, is reluctant to disclose the names of the companies.

ARAI has conducted crash tests using state-of-the-art technology. In this case, high-speed cameras and accelerometers have been used. Car-like side pole impact and standard rigid barriers are tested. Undoubtedly, there will be a rule to follow regarding the safety of electric two wheelers. Which will remove the worries of buyers in case of fire.

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Incidentally, several months ago, the Indian government issued safety regulations for batteries used in electric scooters. The government's move is to prevent companies from using inferior and low-cost batteries. There have been many instances in the past where companies have been seen importing batteries from abroad to build electric two-wheelers. According to experts, making crash tests mandatory on electric two-wheelers in India will boost people's confidence. Currently 5% of the total vehicles plying on Indian roads are electric.

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