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Apple Watch saves woman’s life after sudden respiratory failure on plane

The health monitoring features of the Apple Watch smartwatch are very popular around the world. Because, many times Apple Watch has saved the lives of different people. And these are not rumours. Recently, such an incident has come to light. Where the Apple Watch helped save a woman’s life on a plane.

In fact, a few days ago a woman felt seriously ill while on a plane. Fortunately, a doctor was also present on that plane. But at that time he did not have any equipment with which he could check what was wrong with the woman. However, the sick woman saved her life by using the blood oxygen feature of her Apple Watch.

It has been reported that a 70-year-old British woman started having shortness of breath while traveling from the United Kingdom to Italy on January 9. At that time the flight crew realized the seriousness of the situation and asked the passengers for help. And luckily, a 43-year-old doctor named Rashid Riaz was present on that plane.

He used the Apple Watch’s health monitoring feature to monitor the woman’s health during the emergency. Along with this, blood oxygen feature is also used to know the level of oxygen in the blood. Because, many times the oxygen level in the body is reduced, but the problem of breathing is seen. And after this test, Dr. Riaz realized that the oxygen level in the woman’s blood has decreased. He then immediately asked for an oxygen cylinder from the flight staff. And so he continued to monitor the woman through her Apple Watch until her oxygen levels stabilized.

This incident proves that a small gadget like Apple Watch can really save lives even in airplanes. However, the Apple Watch is not intended for medical use. However, its effectiveness cannot be completely avoided in such critical situations.

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