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Apple 20W charger gets NEMKO Certification in Australia

Apple 20W charger

Apple 20W Charger gets Certified from the Australian certification platform named NEMKO. The company planning to provide 20W fast chargers in its upcoming iPhone 12. Two 20W power adapter by Apple spotted on NEMKO but sadly both have 20 W Output. Apple is expected to launch iPhone 12 before the end of the year, many leaks related to iPhone 12 almost comes out every day.

Apple 20W charger gets NEMKO certification

Apple 20W charger
Source: the_tech_guy

According to the report, The NEMKO Certification of the Apple 2305 charger reveals that the charger has up to 20W of output power (9Vx2.22A), the certification also confirmed that the charger has a USB Type-C port and that it supports USB PD ( Power Delivery) protocol.

Images of the power adapter also shared by tipster Mr. White on his twitter. The leaked images also confirmed that it will have a 20 W Output power. One more power adapter by Apple spotted on NEMKO certification named Apple 2247, but provide the same 20W power out as Apple 2305 Charger.

There is no such dissimilarity between these two chargers, but the model number of both chargers is completely different from each other due to which there must be some differences between both of the chargers.

Earlier, Apple provides an 18W fast charger with iPhone 11 pro max and 5W Normal charger with iPhone 11, it means iPhone 12 may be the first phone in Apple series that comes with 20 W Fast charger. According to the latest reports, Apart from charger Apple will release third-generation Airpods at the starting of 2021. What are your views on Apple 20W Charger, let me know in the comment section.

Source: Techradar

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