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Apple mask is in development for Office Employees Only suggest reports

Apple mask will not become a product, but rather be distributed to employees in the company and in retail. Tim Cook had suggested it but now the evidence is growing.

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According to winfuture report, Apple is working on the development of the face mask. This pandemic has made masks an indispensable everyday product, the mask use is to ensure that the wearer can significantly reduce the risk of infection for his environment. A Bloomberg report, Apple has internally developed its own mask, which is intended for use by employes.

According to the report, the Apple mask is made up of three layers to filter incoming and outgoing particles. The mask is reusable and can be washed and reused up to five times, so it is not intended for constant use over a long period of time. This mask will offer a “unique look” and has adjustable cords so that the wearer can adapt it easily by just adjusting cords. No further details or pictures of the design are available yet – so far. Only some concepts such as those of the artist Justin Ciappara have provided design Ideas.

Apple has confirmed the Bloomberg report and the company has spent a lot of time researching materials that guarantee good filtering, but do not fall back on the market for medical protective equipment. As per the reports, the distribution of the masks to the company employees will begin in the next two weeks.

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